Everything Evolves – The New Ascension Rites

Everything evolves. Consciousness itself evolves, the Universe evolves, Spirit evolves, all of Nature is evolving, plants, animals, stones, homo sapiens, stars, planets, galaxies, and also our teachers, great prophets, archangels, beings and spirit teams of all traditions and all dimensions.

So we wondered what is the next evolution of all of it. With the great visionary shamanic destiny retrieval process and journeys we learned in the Four Winds Society Healing the Light Body School with Dr. Alberto Villoldo and the Q’ero shamans of the Andes and the shamans of the Amazon, we have been traveling forward in time to help our clients fulfill their dreams and to pull us toward a great vision for the world. And what we realized is that we could use this same gift to go even further “beyond the beyond” to reach toward an ideal evolution not only of humanity and the Earth as we know it, but also the entire cosmos and cosmologies and physical nature and spirit teams and wisdom teachings – essentially the next evolution of all-that-is.

We really thought that if all the current wisdom and spiritual, shamanic and religious systems that we know, including those of the star people have been relevant and useful for Homo Sapiens for the last tens of thousands of years, we must be able to reach far into the future beyond Homo Sapiens and begin to witness and draw towards us an ideal next evolution all consciousness, all beings, all the Universe and more.

After all, we feel this is one of the roles of the visionary shaman throughout time and space in any form. Exploring, looking, asking and dreaming into being what might be next. And then as “mediators of souls between the worlds” the task includes forming a bridge from then to now. The bridge is formed with pure energy, mythic symbols movements and codes, insights and gifts of wisdom, vision and thoughts. And aligned with the experience that all creation through infinity is based in love, and that the purpose is joy and play, we maintained that throughout this journey with grace and ease and total non-attachment.

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