All Creation through Infinity is Based in Love

It is with this premise and intention that we set out, Beyond the Beyond, to transcend dimensions and go farther into the future than we’ve ever gone before.

Using the shamanic destiny retrieval process and advanced Journeying techniques learned through our great teacher Dr. Alberto Villoldo and other trainings through the Four Winds Society, along with the Q’ero tribe and lineage and other traditions, we embarked on what has been the most profound and magnificent experience to bring back gifts, or boons, for present day.

Just as Alberto set out some 35 years ago to travel through the Amazon and Andes, eventually connecting with the incredible Q’ero tribe – and bringing back their gifts and creating his own, for present day humanity -we too set out on a great Journey of our own, in and throughout the invisible realms, to find the next tribes and Beings who would help us pull humanity in the strongest direction towards our collective next evolution of all-that-is.

What we ultimately found – or what found us – was a place called the Beyond-Beyond, from the farthest reaches of who we are Becoming, and the Tribes and Beings who inhabit there.

Presenting to us as non-physical Beings, we began sitting with these Tribes and building a relationships with them.

In the South, we met the Homo Novo Luminous. In the West, we met the Shapeshifters. In the North, we met the gods and goddesses of the North, or the divine feminine embodied. And in the East, we met the divine masculine embodied, the Great Creators and gods of the East. We then met the earth spirits of the New Earth, as well as the Sky spirits. And finally, we opened the portal to the One-Heart, or the infinite wisdom, genius, and brilliance of the individual’s, and the collective’s, elevated Heart space. Taking us to new heights and even deeper depths.

It’s a great blessing for us to share these Tribes with you, who are a new “Team” of ascended masters and who respond like any other non-physical Guides or Beings do throughout time and space. In other words, they are here to guide us, be with us, and help us towards our next evolution into the newest dimensions, timelines, frequencies and resonances – both for ourselves individually and as a collective.

You can call on them anytime, and they will show up. They are eager to help and guide us, and support us as we take this next step in humanity.  These Beings have mastered unconditional love and support a long time ago, and so it is in that spirit that they show up and serve us holding a non-judgmental, safe, impeccable container of love, light, wonder, healing, transformation and growth. They are eager to step up and be with us, helping us with anything and everything we affirmatively and positively ask for.

In future blog posts, we delve into the unique characteristics and qualities of these amazing Beings and guides – this new “Team” who is here to serve you and improve the quality of your life in a very real and practical way. So too are there other tools, applications, movements, symbols, and more, that engage us at the mythic layers of Being, working directly with our nervous systems, for the greatest and swiftest leaps in change and transformation.

As a sneak preview and peeking in to these Tribes, we share with you this brief overview of who they are and what they help with.

The Tribes of the South. The Tribes of the South are the Homo Novo Luminous, and they once were Homo Sapiens – just like us – and yet have evolved and become Homo Luminous (or Light Body Beings) and then even further into the future, as Homo Novo Luminous (the New Light Body Beings). These Tribes can especially help and guide us with all every day things we face, such as improving the qualities of our lives in the areas of our health, relationships, work and resources. Because they have – been – us before, they are in the strongest and most unique position to aid us in the best way possible.

The Tribes of the West. These are the Shapeshifters, the seers, the shamans, the sages. The mythmakers, the ripple-makers, the magicians. They transmute anything and everything, and as Shapeshifters, they have the ability to shift and transform into anything and everything. So too can they do the same with any other energies around them, shifting dreamscapes, realities, outcomes, preferences, and so on. In this way, one of the infinite ways the Shapeshifters can help us today, is through transmuting heavy or unwanted energies we experience in our present reality.

The Tribes of the North. The gods and goddesses of the North are the divine feminine fully embodied, and help us return to Heaven on Earth where we play like children fully empowered and free. While this sounds like a luxury to many of us in these turbulent times, these Tribes are positioned in the best way to help guide us back to the Garden. So too do they help us reconnect with the wild, untamable feminine spirit within each and every one of us, to unleash the creativity, power, joy, abundance and wonder living within each of us.

The Tribes of the East. The Tribes of the East are the Great Creators and great visionaries, fully embodied in their god selves and their creator selves, and in their fully healed divine masculine. They operate on the fundamental belief and embodiment that the feminine gives birth to everything – that the feminine is in charge. And that the masculine plays an integral role in holding impeccable space to courageously and humbly support the divine feminine in all of her power. A belief that has been upside down for us as a whole planet, for thousands of years. So too does this notion apply outwardly, to the masculine and feminine energies outside of us, as it does inwardly, to the masculine and feminine energies within each of us. As above, so below – as within, so without. And so in this way, they help us all to step back in to our power, into our God selves, and Creator selves, and return to a place of full freedom and empowerment, where we are One with the Creator, and not separate from anything else outside of ourselves.

These Tribes are an amazing group – or Team – of beings, available to us in any and every moment, ready, willing and able to help serve us, to claim our highest destiny and the fullest potential of who we are Becoming.

It’s a great honour to continue to share our experiences with you, and to walk alongside you as you make your own Journey into the Beyond-Beyond.

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