The New Light Body Beings

As we have mentioned, we began our Journey in the South, where we met the Homo Novo Luminous.

These Beings were and are extraordinary non-physical Beings who have once been Homo sapiens – those who know – and who have evolved into Homo luminous – Light Body Beings – and then further evolved into the Homo Novo Luminous, or New Light Body Beings.

Because the Homo Novo Luminous have – been – us before, they are in the best and most unique position to help us with everyday issues we face in our human experience. In this way, they can aid us most in improving our health, relationships, work and resources. With anything and everything practical and pragmatic to improve the quality of our life.

To call on them, you can use an invocation and make your ask by simply inviting them to be with your medicine space, and then phrasing your preferences in the positive and the affirmative. The words you use are flexible and can be formed in any way you wish. In the course, we provide you with examples for real and practical tools for everyday use.

The Homo Novo Luminous are like any other non-physical guides or Beings, and they show up even when we can’t show up. Their support and love is unconditional, and they are eager to help us and provide us with guidance.

You can engage in the following meditative practice if you wish to sit with them, make a relationship with them, and get to know them better.

Sit comfortably in a quiet place and begin to breathe deeply.

Close your eyes to signal to your body that you are drawing your senses inwards.

Begin your Journey behind the eyes, and then make your way down to your throat, and finally, into your heart space. There, within your heart space, you will see a pillar of light. Journey down the pillar of light and sit in a large field.

Call on the Homo Novo Luminous, in any way you wish. An example is, “I call on the Homo Novo Luminous. Be with this medicine space now.”

Continue breathing deeply and begin to feel their presence surrounding you.

Ask them for help or guidance with any issue. These beings communicate telepathically, and through thoughts, emotions, feelings, symbols, pictures, visions, and so on and so forth – in addition to words. So you can use your words or any other way you feel comfortable communicating. You can talk out loud or in your own mind. They will track and pick up on what you are saying and more importantly, what you are not saying. This is part of the beauty of this powerful work, as it engages the bigger signals we put out, including ones not immediately in our awareness at times, such as the subconscious and unconscious minds.

You can then make your ask or invocation. For example, if you are looking for guidance, or if you are using the meditation to start your day, you can say the following: “I call on the Homo Novo Luminous, the Tribes of the South. Be with me now. Help me today and everyday live in divine synchronicity, in divine flow. Help me approach my day with ease, Grace, non-attachment and detachment. Help me see and feel the signs, synchronicities and symbologies, leading me to my highest good. Provide me with guidance and show me the way. Thank you and so it is.”

Or, if you are asking for help with a particular issue, then substitute in whatever words feel comfortable for you. Asking about guidance, help, assistance and support, in the areas of your health, relationships, work and resources.

There are infinite ways to do so.

Or, asking the Tribes anything else you wish to communicate with them about. You can dialogue with them, just as you would if they were physical Beings sitting in front of you. Allow yourself to be a Hollow Bone and receive their answers. These responses may come in the form of visions, images, symbols, words, feelings, etc. In addition, you may not consciously receive anything. And yet trust that you are being answered on the deepest layers of the subconscious and unconscious minds, and that your soul and essential self is absorbing all that is taking place.

After you have expressed what you are seeking to improve, and thanked them, take a moment to sit with these Beings and enjoy their Presence. They are powerful guides who have mastered their experience, in both the physical and non-physical worlds.

They may present themselves to you in different forms. And so if you were to compare notes with someone, everyone’s view or imagery of them will be different. Allow your imagination to run wild, as you explore what they look, feel, and act like. Allow yourself to touch, feel, see, and sense – experience in full – your time with them.

When you are ready, make your way back up from your heart, and back up through your throat and returning behind your eyes. You can gently press on your closed eyes, and then opening them.

To anchor this medicine in the mythic, perform the movement of the South, where you begin with your hands at prayer pose, and then rub your hands together, placing the right hand on the womb space or second chakra, and the left hand over the heart. You can see a video of this Movement in the free preview of the course.

Alternatively, find an object that represents the Homo Novo Luminous to you, and place it on your altar, to anchor the strength, efficiency, resilience, complexity, and more – that these incredible Tribes of the South signify. Or some kind of object that immediately comes in to your awareness or that represents the experience you had sitting with them today.

As you walk forward in your everyday lives, know that they are with you if you wish for them to guide you and be with you, and that you can Call on them at anytime, anywhere, for any reason. Walk confidently knowing that you are infinitely held and supported, by both them, and all of the other Tribes of the Beyond-Beyond.

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