Improving Your Ability to Shift Your Perception to Find Greater Lightness and Ease in Difficult Situations

After traveling to the South, we then Journeyed to the West – where we met the Shapeshifters.

The Shapeshifters are mysterious, mystical Beings. They are the shamans, the seers, the sages. The mythmakers, the ripplemakers. Those who can transmute and transfigure energies, outcomes, experiences, preferences and so forth.

You can call on them anytime to be with your medicine space. They especially help with energies that are heavy to digest, or energies that are not light in nature.

The Shapeshifters taught us more about the Great Mystery, and how to appreciate with more non-attachment and detachment how Spirit, Source, God, or the Universe – that which is known by a thousand names yet is the unnamable one – works in its infinite mysterious ways. Delivering to us all that we ask for in ways we couldn’t even have imagined. Bringing to us the gifts, or boons, the fruits and the presents to unwrap and unravel and weave into our tapestry of existence.

The Shapeshifters are masters of their experience. When they experience a state of Being they don’t prefer, they can easily and effortlessly transform this experience into a state of Being they – do – prefer.

In that spirit, they taught us about transmutation – about shape shifting, our experiences, outcomes, preferences and so on. With the use of movements, symbols, invocations, intonations, sounds, harmonics, and otherwise, to Call in a new state of Being more aligned with our preferences.

When sitting with these non-physical guides, they allowed us a peeking in to how they shift their dreamscapes in a matter of moments. Using their power and their emotion, as the engines of force behind their asking. They taught us about refining our energies up to the cosmos, so that we could pull down these energies and turn them into gifts for the community or village.

The Shapeshifters have a way with the world, of seeing the beauty even in the darkest of times. They choose carefully with discernment and intention, the lens through which they wish to peer into any given situation. And if they end up not preferring the first lens, they fluidly move with ease and grace to the next lens.

The question became how can we more effortlessly adapt the same, for our present day circumstances. How can we be experiencing a state of Being we don’t prefer, and change our dreamscapes in a matter of moments. And the answer essentially was, by calling on them, by embodying their characteristics and qualities of consciousness, and then making these our own.

They gave us these tools, through the series of combinations of special and very simple movements, codes, keys, combinations, as well as symbols pertaining to their attributes, and more, to weave these in to our own energy fields that can help us day to day in a very practical and pragmatic way.

One of the biggest points of teachings with them, was about contrast and heavy or indigestible energies. Since they do not experience the same type of great contrast we experience in our present day, we asked for more tools to better navigate the sometimes turbulent waters we experience in our times. In other words, more ways to aid us in facing and moving through some of the difficulties we face as a result of the great contrasts before us. Those Contrasts being the many potential experiences we don’t prefer.

In this way, the Course shares those. And yet here are a few ways we can do this on our own:

Sit comfortably in a quiet place and begin to breathe deeply.

Set your intention to refine your energies up to the mountains, to the cosmos, and Beyond the Beyond. You can do this simply by declaring so: “My intention is refining my energies up to the mountains, the cosmos, and the Beyond-Beyond. And so it is.”

Call in the Tribes of the West, the Great Shapeshifters. You can say something as simple as, “I call on the Shapeshifters and the Tribes of the West from the Beyond-Beyond. Come be with this medicine space now. Thank you and so it is.”

When you are ready, take three more generous deep breaths in and out.

Feel their presence as they surround you, coming down from the stars and sitting with you. Bringing their mystery, their gifts, their strengths and their wisdom.

Ask them for anything and everything you may need help transmuting and transforming. This could be help with heavy energies, clearing a space, or cleansing your mind, body, and spirit – and more. Make your ask in the present, positive, and affirmative, to the best of your ability, while still allowing your words to be flexible.

You can say something like, “Help me transmute these heavy energies now! Thank you and so it is.” And taking another few deep breaths in and out. You can talk aloud, to be even more effective and powerful, or say these invocations to yourself in your own mind’s eye.

Allow the Shapeshifters to work at the speed of light of clear your medicine space and your torroidal field and energy bodies. They will do all the work.

Once the clearing and cleansing occurs, ask them to fill your body with light and transfer their strengths, gifts, qualities and characteristics that are in your best and highest destiny to receive. You can do this by now saying, “Transmit all of your gifts, qualities, characteristics and attributes that are in my best and highest destiny to receive now. Thank you and so it is!” These may come to you in the form of visions, images, symbols, sounds, feelings, sensations, or the like – or you may feel or sense nothing. Either way, trust that the transmission is happening and is integrating on the deepest level of your soul and energy bodies and field.

Taking another few deep breaths in and out, relax into your self with a greater knowing and sense of peace and harmony within your own individual self as well as your surroundings.

As a next step, ask them to paint, blow, or transmit, any and all symbols onto your body that are in your highest good to receive at this time. You can do this in a similar way to the prior invocations. Feel their presence as they paint powerful imagery and symbols onto your skin, incorporating the mythic layers of Being in the most impactful way. You can also ask them to do the same to the walls or house or structure around you, for maximum protection, power, and enhancement of experience.

Now that these imagery and symbols, or artwork is painted onto you and/or your surroundings, take another few deep breaths in and out, feeling an even deeper connection to your third eye chakra and your heart chakra. With heightened yet more relaxed senses.

And finally, ask them for a message of support and guidance. Remember that this message can come in any form, whether that be words, sounds, visions, images, emotions, feelings, thoughts, etc. If you need more clarity, you can simply ask for further guidance and for them to be as clear as possible. If you need additional help in connecting with them, touch your heart space with one hand and your third eye chakra – on your forehead in between your eyes – with the other hand, and make your request again for the message of guidance and support.

With this, you can take a moment to feel the integrations, upgrades, downloads and energy transmissions, infuse into your system with the greatest sense of coherence, purpose and connection. Continuing on in your day with an increased confidence in knowing that these Beings – and the rest of your “Team” – is with you, infinitely holding and supporting you throughout any and all experiences you are co-creating.

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