Deepening Your Relationship with the Divine Feminine

We continued our Journey in the Beyond-Beyond, by traveling next to the North. The land where gods and goddesses inhabit.

The gods and goddesses we found in the North – or that found us – are all about Lila, divine love and play. They embody truth, joy, laughter, oneness, and an embodiment of the very purpose of life which is to enjoy and experience, all things and everything. They exhalt a very sensory experience – what it is like to touch, feel, taste, sense, see, and so forth – with the entirety of their Beings. They are about the brightest of bright colours, more brilliant and effervescent than even meets the eye in our current realms of existence.

Here, the divine feminine in all of her healed glory reigns supreme. So too for the masculine gods that we met there, fully embodied in their healed divine feminine selves, reminding ourselves that we gracefully carry both energies within us, and that balancing both within us is an essential part of our Journeys to wholeness and fulfillment.

We asked them for more tools, practical and pragmatic gifts, to share with us for further embodiment of their qualities, strengths, characteristics and attributes. They gave us Movements, along with other tools in the Course you will find, to aid us in a very real and helpful way.

And yet we share some others with you now.

To further Call on the divine feminine within you, bringing this energy to life within you and igniting it to express outward from you, you can engage in a variety of practices. Here are a few they share with us at this time:

Come to a quiet, meditative place, where you are sitting comfortably.

Close your eyes and begin breathing deeply.

Begin to feel the presence of the Beyond-Beyond, and the gods and goddesses who inhabit this realm, come to visit and spend time with you.

You may begin to hear or sense or feel running water, such as a scene of waterfalls, where the grass is green and beneath your toes, and you are essentially taken immediately to a place very similar to “Heaven on Earth.” Perhaps you begin to hear birds chirping, clouds whispering, and crisp air lightly brushing your cheeks and face.

Continue breathing deeply.

They begin to make a series of energy transmissions to you and your rainbow light body. Allow these high vibrational energies to fill your luminous energy body and field surrounding you. Each one of your chakras begins to light up in brilliant, magnificent colours of the rainbow. Even if you cannot see, sense, or feel this, trust that the energy transmissions they are making to you right now, are integrating at the deepest core layers and levels of your entire Being.

You then feel the presence and warmth of a Golden bright and silver white light surrounding your entire aura. This beauty and grace, this ease and lightness of Being, happens in such an instant, that you may feel a sudden charge of energy or jolt within your entire Being. Continue breathing as this new energy transmission of information, wisdom, healing and transformation, weaves throughout you. These upgrades to the very marriage of the divine masculine and feminine within you, are lovingly supercharging your energy centres, from your very Root, to your very Crown, both through the traditional seven main chakras and all throughout your extended 13-chakra system and infinite existence.

Take three generous deep breaths in and out.

With your hands now at prayer pose, rub your hands together, and then gently bring your palms and rest them on your legs or lap as you are sitting, with your palms facing up.

With your eyes still closed, and continuing to breathe, the generous gods and goddesses of the North, now place a gift into the palms of your hands.

You openly, graciously and gratefully receive their gift. You may sense what their gift is to you, or you may not. Either way, trust that at your Soul level and energetic layer of Being, you know completely what they are gifting to you. You may even hear words, sounds, or have various visions, or otherwise that come along with you gift. Remain open to receiving this abundance in any and all ways.

When you are ready, you can gently open your eyes, and return your hands to prayer pose in the center of your heart. Ending your time and experience with them, again at the heart. And the infinite wisdom available to us at all times, from the generous unconditional love and support, emanating from the inner most chambers of our Beings.

Now that your Journey with them is complete, you can anchor your experience in the mythic, by engaging in some form of art, music, poetry, Journaling, or otherwise. Perhaps you may like Journaling about your experience or any other message they have for you, as they may have additional messages or specific guidance for you at this time. Perhaps you may feel Called to draw, paint or sketch, a scene of something you experienced with them. Even if you do not consider yourself a traditional artist, trust a newfound creativity they may have transferred to you, and honour whatever you are feeling Called towards in the moment. You can do any of these things, or something else that may immediately be in your awareness, as a precious way to honour the divine feminine and the gods and goddesses of the North.

With that, you can continue on in your Journey, with a newfound connection to a deeper embodiment of both the divine feminine energies within you and outside of you. You can even make a commitment to continue connecting back in with these divine mythical Beings of the North, any time you wish to strengthen, flourish or further embellish, your creative energies, or enhance your experience with more joy, playfulness, pleasure, laughter, lightness of Being, and more. All of which are qualities and strengths that these gods and goddesses demonstrate, and love to help us with.

And with that, continuing on in your Journey, knowing that you are infinitely guided and supported by a Team of Beings who can aid you energetically, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and otherwise. And in a very real and practical way, since these energetic downloads, upgrades, and transmissions, have an immediate and lasting effect, which soon after engaging in such practices, flows downwards and begins to manifest in the material realms, improving our lives in tangible ways. Trusting as these integrations make manifest and soon take form in our physical realities.

Blessings on your continued Journey and Beyond!

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