Connecting Into Your Innate Guidance System Through Step-by-Step Access To Your Spirit Team and Highest Self

The New Ascension Rites material helps open you up as a conduit and channel for a more direct connection with infinite Source energy. This increases your ability to dial in your intuition and receive guidance from your own highest self and guides on any and every issue you are facing in your daily life. This medicine also engages the mythical layers of Being and the energetic layers, the deepest levels of our individual antennas for the greatest connection to the unified field. Therefore, this is simplest yet most profound, leading-edge medicine, as it leaps from the shoulders of the energy medicine learned and adapted from the Four Winds Society and indigenous wisdom, and then takes things Beyond where they have ever been before.

The Four Layers of Being are something Shamans often talk about. The first layer or level is our physical body and physical experiences. The second layer is the conscious mind, however we know now that that’s only about 5% of the mind, and the other 95% is the subconscious and unconscious minds. Most of our lives are unconscious reactions, rather than conscious responses. For real and lasting transformations, we therefore must access the two deeper levels or layers of Being. The third being the unconscious/subconscious minds. And the fourth layer being the energetic. When you can access the mythic and the energetic at the third and fourth level of Being respectively, you access password-protected areas of your Being and can rewrite programs that have been running the show for thousands of years.

This is what the New Ascension Rites material gives us access to, allowing us to enter into these areas of ourselves to re-write, re-code, and re-program areas of ourselves that may contain limiting beliefs, societal, familial and other negative or overriding beliefs, as well as any other problematic areas of our lives that may be putting off a bigger signal to the Universe and returning experiences or circumstances to us in our lives that we do not prefer.

In this material, the way it is currently organized is by direction – the South, West, North and the East. As well as the Earth, Sky, and the Heart. However the material can just as easily be organized or used in ways by various issues you are facing.

What is the issue or circumstance you are currently facing and wish to address?

All of the answers lay within you, and this material and the associated downloads and energy transmissions (collectively the “Rites”), open you up to become a Waca, or a sacred energy site. This gives you a direct connection to infinite Source energy and allows you to communicate with your highest self and receive guidance on any and all circumstances you are experiencing and may wish to change, transmute, or alter. Shamanism is about direct revelation – therefore, while teachers or other books can be your guides, this pales in comparison to your own inner wisdom. And this is why the New Ascension Rites are so special and cutting-edge. Because they are the collective next-level of all that is, that opens you up to your own inner guidance system.

Once you have done the movements 1-7, three times, you open yourself as this clear channel and clear antenna, giving yourself access to these password-protected areas and can make the changes you wish to make and co-create in your life.

From there, take any issue you are facing and ask for guidance as to how to approach the issue. The answers you receive are infinite, and can range from all levels of Being. Engaging any and all of the Four layers of Being, including the energetic, mythic (subconscious/unconscious minds), conscious mind, as well as the physical body and physical experience.

Here are a few examples as to how you can re-organize or address various themes that are arising in your life, then receiving guidance from your own highest self as to how best to approach these issues and make the changes you are seeking to put into motion. This same formula or method works for any and all issues – health, relationships, work and resources – while also creating a sacred container for your own unlimited potential and guidance within you to come through you and as you. For maximum direct revelation from your own guidance and maximum embodiment of what you receive.


Step 1: If I am feeling I am having an issue surrounding my health, perhaps I wish to address this through engaging the Four Layers of Being. Let’s take increasing comfort in the body, increasing health.

Step 2: I connect in to the New Ascension Rites medicine and spirit Team. Perhaps coming to a quiet place, taking a few deep breaths in and out, and doing an intuitive set of the movements to realign myself to all that is in my highest and best destiny.

Step 3: I ask for guidance from my spirit Team, the Beyond-Beyond Team. I can make this “ask” out loud or to myself. Perhaps I say something like the following “I am asking for help and guidance with how to increase comfort in my body. I ask the Beyond-Beyond team to come help me now. Thank you and so it is.” I allow the answer to come to me as an intuitive knowing, visions, images, words, symbols, movements etc. I allow space and expansiveness to receive the response. I open my channel to receive information, downloads, energy transmissions, and more – on all four layers of Being.

Step 4: The spirit Team from the Beyond-Beyond answers immediately with an energetic download, upgrade, and transmission. This is because they are unconditional in their love and support, and in their response. This is also because they are not bound by time or space. By my very asking, I communicate directly with the unified field. Like a (perfect) WiFi signal that always has connectivity, I am the antenna, and they are in the greater unified Field. Because my intention is to connect to this spirit Team, and because they receive the Call, they answer immediately and unconditionally.

Step 5: Now that I have received energetic transmissions, I recognize that I may not consciously feel, see, intuit, sense, or fully understand yet that they have given me an energetic download and transmission. However I trust wholeheartedly that I have been answered. Therefore, I move on to the mythic layers of Being. Here, I receive their guidance (in other words, my own guidance from my Highest self and my spirit Team). Here they give me movements, direct me to a code or combination in the material that would be helpful for this issue, or direct and guide me to a symbol in the material. For example, if comfort is my issue, then they direct me to “Becoming One in Mind Body Spirit” and perhaps “Becoming One with Intuition”, because as I am sitting with them, they share with me that part of the discomfort in my body is related to not fully trusting my intuition. From here I make a note to follow-up with these symbols and work with them at a later time. Perhaps they share with me one of the infinite ways I can engage these symbols. I can visualize them, place them on my altar, Henna tattoo them on my body, blow them into my chakras, paint them on a meaningful object, make impermeable earth art on the ground and use sticks and/or stones to form the symbol – or an infinite number of other ways. Whatever I feel most comfortable with and guided towards.

Step 6: They give me ways I can engage with and address the issue at hand on the conscious mind layer of Being, that second level. This is through visualization, meditation, talking the issue out, etc. Perhaps this looks something like seeing a therapist, or engaging in a brief meditation each week. Perhaps this looks something like writing in my Journal, and doing some automatic writing and then burning or burying what I wrote to discard, transmute and transfigure the issue and the energies surrounding the problem I am facing.

Step 7: I ask for guidance at the physical layer of Being, the physical experiences, or the level that is farthest downstream. Perhaps the guidance I receive is to take a walk or a hike everyday. Perhaps the wisdom I receive is to also increase a certain supplement I am taking, or one that I am not yet currently taking.

Step 8: I thank the spirit Team, the Beyond-Beyond team, and my highest self for meeting with me and communicating with me today. And for providing me with guidance on all layers of my Being. I express and feel gratitude in my heart, not only for my connection to this incredible team, but also for the issue already being resolved. On some timeline, the issue is not an issue and is already resolved. Therefore, when I express gratitude for the question or inquiry at hand already being resolved, I tap into this future timeline, as if the resolution and completion has already occurred.

Step 9: I go about my day and implement the guidance and wisdom I receive. I come back any time to my spirit Team, to receive the information, downloads, energy transmissions and experiences, at any time – for any issue.

It does not matter how big or how small. It does not matter how simple or complex. It does not matter how significant or insignificant.

Further, it does not matter how experienced I am working with this Team or energy medicine. It does not matter where I am on my spiritual Journey, or how advanced I am.

Anything and everything goes. Any and all issues can be addressed.

They, and our respective highest selves, answer unconditionally and immediately.

Trust the guidance you receive. Trust the experience you have. And trust yourself and that all is well and all is happening, irrespective of whether your conscious mind registers anything during the connection session.

And with that, take comfort in knowing that at any time, anywhere, for any issue, you can receive guidance and address anything and everything coming up for you.

For more questions, you can reach out via the New Ascension Rites Course, or schedule individual session work with Jon or Olivia.

You can purchase the course and download the online materials at newascensionrites.

Thank you!

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